Image Impact

Por Gisela Vallante, en Firenze, Italia.

Imagine this situation: you walk into a room, it’s a networking event. The looks are on you, your image radiates confidence, openness and commitment to relate to others easily.

Result: You've opened the door to communicate your experience and value. So you will be heard. They’ll remember you.

This impact through the image, is a big key to successfully get a job or closing a business deal.


Some tips to command the room

  • Dress for the role you want to get. 

Use an appropriate outfit for the event, which makes you feel confident. Add an accessory as your favorite handbag, scarf or a brooch. This can also generate a conversation.

  • Make eye contact. 

This conveys interest, trust and sympathy. Whether in a situation where you need to create contacts as a networking event or an interview, you are going to earn more than others because you are showing interest in the person you are talking to, and not trying to move to the next conversation.

  • Smile and be nice.

People do business with people they actually LIKE. You can admire and also praise others, but remember to be authentic.

  • Participate in the conversation.

Be smart. Know when to start, continue and when to move on. Listen to others. Make it a two-way conversation. Do not wait for your turn to talk about you.

  • Be positive.

Optimism is contagious. In times of crisis exists the temptation of pitying yourself in conversations at networking events. Don’t. The best thing you can do is to offer a more positive conversation. For example: “Have you tried to use social networks to expand your network of customers? I know someone who might be a good contact for you, I am going to introduce you this person.” 

This, basically, make you memorable.

Use the service of an Image consultant to get these and many more tips on personal image, verbal and nonverbal communication to reach the success you want.